Official promo of IHF World Handball Championship 2023 released

On Saturday, the draw was held for the 28th IHF World Handball Championship 2023 in Poland and Sweden. During the spectacular event in Katowice, it was also the world premiere of the championship promotional video. 

The video is based on WC 2023’s claim: Stick together. The tagline primarily refers to the resin used in handball, but the words have a much greater meaning. In a world that’s becoming more fragmented, segregated and filled disagreement, sports can unite. New friendships are made through sports. People with different backgrounds compete on the same terms and create memories together, eliminating boundaries and coming together through our differences.

– Sport has a unique power when it comes to uniting people and creating role models and positive memories. We have tried to capture that dimension in the promotional video – says Maja Wijkström, Head of marketing and communication for the Swedish organization.

– We wanted to create a connection between the fans, in their daily life, and how they subconsciously find themselves making the movements and gestures as the star players on the handball field, and by that communicate “Stick together” between fans, players and the many expressions in the world of handball. We started off by finding the key shot sequence in the game, and then created a story behind that sequence.

– With this video we wanted to reflect the spirit of our official claim and present Host Cities and Host Regions in unprecedented, engaging way – says Grzegorz Gutkowski, tournament director WC 2023 in Poland.


In addition to the story that connects handball with everyday life and Stick together, the upcoming host cities and regions were presented. In Sweden, the championship will be played in Gothenburg, Jönköping, Kristianstad, Malmö and Stockholm. And in Poland Host Cities and Host Regions will be Katowice, Silesia, Krakow, Malopolska, Plock, Mazowsze and Gdansk.

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