We stick together

For many years people who lived in northern Poland had to look for great sports and cultural events in the southern parts of the country. Finally, we too can host the biggest stars of the world of entertainment, all thanks to ERGO ARENA. It is one of the most advanced venues of this kind in Europe, and easily, the most innovative one in Poland.

maximum capacity

11 409 seats


22 863 sqm



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Jak dojechać do ERGO ARENY?


  • nr 148 – Gospody stop (Gdansk)
  • nr 227 – Pomorska stop (Gdansk)
  • nr N4 – Jelitkowo stop (Gdansk)
  • nr N12 – Gospody stop (Gdansk)
  • nr N13 – Gospody stop (Gdansk)


  • nr 2 – Gospody/Pomorska stop (Gdansk)
  • nr 4 – Gospody/Pomorska stop (Gdansk)
  • nr 5 – Gospody/Pomorska stop (Gdansk)
  • nr 6 – Osiedle Wejhera stop (Gdansk)
  • nr 8 –  Osiedle Wejhera stop (Gdansk)


There are various ways to enter ERGO ARENA car park. If you are heading from Gdańsk, you might either take Gospody street or Zielona Droga (Green Route), which connects the venue with Grunwaldzka street. If you are driving from Sopot, you may either take Łokietka street or, again, Zielona Droga, which connects the venue with Niepodleglosci avenue.