Accreditations for the 28th Men’s Handball World Championship

The accreditation process for the 28th Men’s Handball World Championship, which will be organized by Poland and Sweden on January 11-29, has begun.

Registration is available at

The application deadline is November 30th.

Media interested in video recording in the mixed zone – in case of any questions – need to contact with Carsten Richter from Sportfive (


Upcoming matches

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Choose a name for the mascot

She is red, has a fluffy tail, pointed ears and likes handball even more than nuts. The squirrel, who introduced herself to the fans during the Poland – Sweden match in Płock, is still looking for a name. Voting lasts until April 4, the end of the day.

Tickets for Polish venues to go on sale

With just five months to go until the draw of the 28th IHF Men’s World Championship hosted by Poland and Sweden, tickets for the matches scheduled in the four Polish venues will be on sale from 18 March onwards.